Mandarin Lip Balm


Mandarin Lip Balm from Tree Hills Soap 

  • 100% vegetarian,
  • Handmade,
  • All natural n
  • Not tested on animals.

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Mandarin Lip Balm from Tree Hills Soap 

Tangy citrus aroma with fresh, sweet, green notes – and who doesn’t like Mandarin? A great choice for a gift or for those who are new to essential oils.

Cocoa butter is ultra-moisturising and really works to heal your lips, leave them looking beautiful. Beeswax locks in moisture, making this perfect for those days when you’re all chapped up.

The natural oils and butter in our lip balms sink into the skin, helping to soothe, moisturise, hydrate and condition your lips. And because there is no water to pad it out, there is no need for parabens or preservatives either! We added the pure natural Vitamin E for extra antioxidant protection too.

A quick swipe of Mandarin lip balm will leave your lips feeling subtly fresh and sweet throughout the day.

All lip balms are hand mixed and hand poured.

Please note that this lip balm doesn’t contain any flavours or additives, so you won’t taste anything sweet. Only essential oils! The scent is much milder from essential oils and isn’t overpowering like the chemical fragrances typically found in commercial lip balm.



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